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CMHC’s new, strict lending measures will trigger a surge in home purchase volume

CMHC’s new, strict lending measures will trigger a surge in home purchase volume as potential home buyers rush to the mortgage market before July 1, when these policies take effect.

CMHC’s new measures, which include at least one applicant having a minimum credit score of 680 and a maximum debt service ratio of 44 and gross debt service ratio of 35, mean that prospective home buyers who don’t meet the new requirements have a tight deadline to meet.

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An interesting article published by CTV News about three real estate trends emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.

1. People getting married are putting the money towards their first house instead of a large celebration
2. People are investing their money into their back yard or renovations.
3. People are investing their money into real estate, land, and cottages.
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It's no secret that Google is your best resource for day to day know-how and guide to success.

They have planned to make the KW Area their home for their new center for startups and tech expansions. Google has already broken ground, and they are about to add nearly 4000 more jobs to the Kitchener and Waterloo area. Their employment model is based on employment contracts, and many employees may require temporary housing. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to invest in investment properties in the area. I encourage you to click or call today to find out how I can make your real estate portfolio dreams come true today! Call me direct at 519-616-2656. I look forward to hearing from you real soon, my friends!


Kitchener Is One of the Fastest Growing City in Canada!

WooHoo! Stats Canada just released some exciting news naming Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge, Canada's fastest-growing cities, even faster than Toronto! Stay tuned to find out what this means for the coming years for real estate in Waterloo Region. I encourage you all to start taking pictures of the Waterloo Region landscape today! Because in a few short years you won't recognize it! We are in dire need to keep expanding to accommodate our growing population, and with no more area to expand outwards, we are being forced to build straight up! There are more than 30 new condo towers planned to break ground in the next few short years, are you ready for it! I encourage you to click or call today to discuss how these changes will affect your real estate needs today direct at 519-616-2656 or visit for today's leading source for all things real estate, I look forward to hearing from you soon take care.


News Story Monday, March 23, 2020

I just published a new blog with real estate stats for February 2020

This year it seemed like spring 2020 arrived so fast! I just published a new blog with real estate stats for February 2020. There are also a few points to consider if you're thinking about renovating your home, along with a handy spring checklist to help you get your home ready for the gorgeous weather that's right around the corner! If you have any questions about real estate or are looking for a referral, please get in touch with Mike Bolger at (519) 616-2656. It would be great to hear from you. 


News Story Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Covid-19 vs. the Kitchener Real Estate Market

Covid-19 has changed the world quickly and dramatically in a short time. The government has had to make some hard decisions to protect Canadians, which has caused massive closures, cancelled events, stock market drops, and people fighting in fear for food and items for their home. COVID-19 has affected everyone internationally, but will this eventually impact the housing market in the KW Region? Check out my latest blog on how the Covid-19 crisis could affect the real estate market in Kitchener and Waterloo. Click the link below. Have questions about real estate, call Mike Bolger today at 519-616-2656 to discuss your thoughts.


News Story Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Some great tip and insights

Should you worry about market fluctuations? Unfortunately, the ride isn’t much fun if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home. In fact, it can be very confusing and frustrating. You just don’t know if “now” is the right time to make a move. Check out my latest blog for some great advice and insights. Also, find out about what to do when you find moisture on your windows and some great advice on shopping for a new home. Click the link below for all the details. If you are thinking of selling your home, please get in touch with me at (519) 616-2656 for a free home evaluation. CLICK HERE






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