Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Market March 2022

Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Market March 2022

The average price of a detached homes

For detailed stats that are specific to your neighbourhood, or even if you're curious about what the house down the street sold for, please don't hesitate to reach out – I'm always happy to help!



House hunting in K-W is supposed to be fun, but it’s important to be properly prepared.

It’s easy for homebuyers to get frustrated, especially in this market, so it’s important to start off with a solid plan and a positive mindset. Here are a few points to consider before you head out hunting for homes:

Finance Forward
Get pre-qualified for a mortgage so you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to spend. It’s important to also set aside money for closing costs such as legal fees and tax adjustments.

Know Your Needs
Make a list of the features your new home must have such as a double driveway and then a separate list of features you’d like to have such as an ensuite bath or walk-in closet.

Future Plans
Think about how long you plan on living in the home and whether or not it has to be in move-in condition or close to schools, transit, shopping, etc.

Keep An Open Mind
In this market, you’ll need to be flexible so when you start your search, try to keep an open mind. When you’ve explored all your options, you’ll be able to narrow things down and focus on your goal!

Location, Location, Location
Determine whether the location of your home is more important than the home itself. You can always update the home but you’ll never be able to update its location.

The Bold & Beautiful
Don’t be put off by the green shag carpet or floral wallpaper as they’re easy to replace. On the other hand, don’t get “taken in” by a well-staged home with expensive furniture.
Ready, Set, Go!
Homes in the K-W area sell quickly, so when you finally find the perfect place, it’s important to act in a very decisive manner so that you don’t end up with regrets.
Properly preparing yourself before you head out on your house hunting journey will make your experience much more enjoyable so do your best to get everything sorted out in advance.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about making a move, we can set you up on a custom search to help you get acquainted with the K-W market. That way, when the perfect home comes along, you’ll be ready to move forward with confidence!



Starting a conversation with someone you just met can be intimidating.

Over the past two years, our social game has taken a bit of a hit due to lockdowns, social distancing and a lack of events and get-togethers.

Making conversation can be daunting if you can't think of anything to say but these helpful tips will have you filling up awkward silences and chatting up a storm in no time:

You Name It
When you’re introduced to someone, use their name right away as people love to hear their name and by saying it out loud you’re more likely to remember it.

Mirror Mirror
Always maintain eye contact to show you’re interested, nod your approval every now and then and mirror their gestures to make them feel more comfortable.

Be Open Ended
Ask questions as people love to talk about themselves but try to always make sure that they’re open-ended questions so that the answers aren’t just yes or no.

Listen Learned
Rather than worrying about how to respond, listen carefully to what others are saying so that you’ll be able to provide a more natural response when there’s a break in the conversation.

Common Ground
Try and find similarities between you and the other person and build upon them. It could be as simple as a hobby you share, friends you have in common or the fact that you live in the same area.

Smile & Be Positive
Most individuals are drawn to positive people so stand tall, smile wide and keep your conversation upbeat instead of sharing your worries and woes right off the bat.

Making conversation is actually really easy -- you just need the confidence to pull it off. Instead of awkwardly fidgeting when you’re introduced to someone, try to relax, listen carefully and most importantly, just be yourself!



Peace of mind is priceless. ☮️

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