Invest In Real Estate in the Waterloo Area

Invest In Real Estate in the Waterloo Area

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, consider investing in real estate. Real Estate investing has become trendy for many and helps with building your real estate portfolio. Having a couple of solid properties is a great way to save for retirement or children’s education.

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It is highly recommended that you work with a professional realtor for investing in real estate properties. Mike Bolger can help you with finding the ideal properties to invest in. Mike will save you plenty of time by doing all the research to help you uncover hidden gems. A relationship with Mike Bolger has its benefits and will help you determine whether an investment property is going to be a successful investment. Mike also has an extensive network of professionals to help save you time and money, whether it's a contractor, mortgage agent, lawyer, or management company.

Rental Properties:

A lot of investors choose basic rental properties because they are straightforward investments. The idea is to purchase a property and then rent it out to a tenant or tenants. The owner is responsible for the mortgage, taxes, and the costs of maintaining the property. Many times property owners outsource someone to manage their property.   Ideally, the rental charge is more than enough to cover the costs plus a small profit for a nest egg or any unexpected expenses. The owner is building equity in the investment while the property increases in value. However, it’s never as easy as it looks. Unfortunately, there can be bad tenants or not being able to rent lease the property, leaving you with the mortgage payment. That's why it's vital to find the right property where people want to rent and vacancy rates are low.

Airbnb Investments:

Owning a property dedicated to Airbnb can make total sense. This type of investment will require you to invest some money, time, and labour to get the returns that you want. Mike can help you find properties in desired communities around the KW Region that can rent easily. You can charge a cleaning fee and Airbnb will make sure you are protected against property damage. Mike personally has experience with Airbnb and is an investor.  You can also hire a management company to help you with maintaining the property and cleaning up. 

Being a Landlord:

The most significant difference between a rental property and other investments is the amount of time that is required to maintain your investment. Being a landlord has many responsibilities. If you are unsure if being a landlord is right for you,  you have the option to outsource this to a professional.  Mike Bolger can help you decide by explaining all your options and guiding you on what is best for your investment. There's are plenty of choices available and some people choose a management company.

There are numerous other types of real estate investment opportunities available. While the rental property is the preferred choice for real estate investment, it isn’t the only one.

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