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Working with a Realtor during COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has affected various businesses, especially the real estate industry. The circumstances created by the Coronavirus pandemic have changed the working conditions for REALTORS®. When it comes to the public, people are concerned if it is safe to look for houses during Coronavirus. Real estate companies are struggling to minimize the health risks for their employees and customers. Construction delays and decreased return rates are the problems faced by REALTORS®, as the pandemic has made permits infrequent. Some REALTORS® have taken prudent decisions in this situation to ensure the health and financial protection of their tenants, investors, end-users, and workers. We have compiled a list of things you should consider while working with a REALTOR® during COVID-19.  

Resilience and Communication

Look for resilience in a Waterloo REALTOR® because the pandemic has reduced the market value, increased sell-off, and the property market is on a downward trend. A REALTOR® capable of surviving this is presumably a skilled real estate professional. The second thing to look for is communication abilities, arguably an essential skill for a real estate agent. A good communicator will ensure that he keeps you (his client) in the loop. Communicative real estate agents negotiate with buyers or sellers on your behalf and help you make well-informed decisions.  

Virtual House Tours

A virtual open house is the best option to market houses in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic-induced social distancing. REALTORS® conduct a house walkthrough stream or create virtual house tour videos. For REALTORS®, the success of virtual tours depends on friendliness and market expertise incorporated into the videos. Virtual tours provide a safe alternative to traditional methods because industry growth and customer needs cannot be shelved. For you as a buyer, virtual tours reduce exposure to the virus. Work with REALTORS® who are professionals in virtual tours to get detailed information about the property of your interest.  

A REALTOR® Conscious of Social Distancing

REALTORS® must follow Covid-19 regulations. Get an appointment with a REALTOR® aware of the rules for showing a house during COVID. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) provides guidelines for marketing real estate property during COVID. The real estate industry in Waterloo faced minor hiccups following the COVID outbreak; however, the industry is growing again under strict health measures. Federal and local authorities determine whether an in-person property showing is recommended. The instructions clearly ask everyone to adhere to social distancing, limit the number of people and avoid handshaking. 

Professional Cleaning Services

Following CDC instructions, REALTORS® need to ensure no more than 10 people gather for open house and only one buyer group visits at one time. As the potential buyers arrive for the house tour, provide an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and offer footwear to cover/change shoes. Disinfection and cleaning the property for viruses are also recommended. Hire a professional company that does clean-up at your home after the showing day. If multiple appointments are on the same day, ensure the house gets disinfected and cleaned in between appointments. 

In conclusion, REALTORS® have been forced to take appropriate measures to cope with COVID-19. These measures include health safety procedures and the adoption of digital tools. Quickly adapting to the new needs has helped several real estate businesses survive the COVID outbreak. 

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