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Selling Your Home? Avoid these Staging Mistakes.

Are you thinking about selling your home? If yes, you should figure out ways to sell fast and better. The best way to do things right involves avoiding common mistakes. This article will help you learn common mistakes people commit that ruin their house selling. Staging of the house influences buyers' decisions. You have to spend a good amount of your time in the home staging process.  

One of the finest strategies for selling a home is to keep in mind those basics that you observe while buying your new home. The very first thing you look for is the appearance of the house. Bad home staging can reduce your chances of making a good first impression. Here are some staging mistakes you should avoid if you want to sell your house quickly. Therefore, before listing, you need to know what should you not do when staging a home.  

Confining Furniture in One Corner 

Usually, people focus on making their rooms look bigger while staging their houses. They arrange all of their furniture either at one angle or in one corner. It is considered one of the commonly practised home staging mistakes which can drive away your potential buyers. Instead of positioning your furniture in a wall space, you can arrange it symmetrically. The buyers will appreciate the conversational layout in a particular room, as it presents an excellent hosting area.  

Focusing on the Interior, Ignoring the Exterior

The very first thing anyone notices about your home is its exterior. During the home staging process, people usually forget to pay attention to the outside portion of their house. Not having a welcoming exterior can drive away potential buyers. Pluck out all the weeds and trim all the plants and trees around the main entrance. After that, check if all the exterior lights are working. Finally, try to build a colourful exterior by planting some seasonal flowers.  

Having Out-of-Scale Wall Hangings 

Home staging is not just adding a lot of decorative stuff to your walls. Placing art pieces in the right proportion and scale improves the overall look. Let's say you have a giant piece of art in your possession. Hang it in a way that enhances the whole look of your room. Try not to gather a lot of wall hangings. It can throw off the entire feel of your room. If you can keep a cleaner look in the room, it attracts the attention of buyers.  

Neglecting the Importance of Lighting 

When you enter a room, you can notice its staging if there is enough light. Adding a lot of lighting is not an ideal situation in such cases. You must know how to use natural light to make a room bright and airy. Window treatments help boost the brightness of a room. So, make sure that you have no stuff placed in front of your room windows. 

Over Staging the House 

Another mistake homeowners make while selling their houses is they showcase too many things. Incorporating too much stuff will hide the best features of your home. While staging the house, you should be aware of two concepts, visual representation and spatial awareness. As adding more stuff can reduce the size of your room, you must decrease the number of staging elements. Secondly, your staging must incorporate the feel of a home for the buyers. So, take a clear idea of visual representation before beginning the staging process.  

Ignoring the Needs of Potential Buyers

If you read an article regarding steps to selling a house by owneryou will note that the first step in selling is knowing the needs of your potential buyers. Staging without knowing the basic requirements of your buyers is a waste of time. Focus on the lifestyle of your buyers but do not use super precise decor. Use staging techniques that can attract people with different lifestyles. 

Forgetting to Deep Clean 

Would you buy a house that is unclean and messy at first appearance? Nobody likes home with greasy walls, untidy floors, or dirty bathrooms. So, you better focus on deep cleaning your home before inviting potential buyers. If you have any personal or religious items lying around, remove them. A cleaner house will look more inviting than a dirty and over-staged one. 

Not Taking the Expert Opinion

If you do not know how to sell your house, you must take advice from the experts. You can lighten your workload by consulting professional interior decorators. Furthermore, you can hire carpenters and painters to prepare your house for selling. Professional helpers can take a lot of things off your plate.  

If you are selling your house in the Waterloo / Kitchener area, work with a Waterloo Realtor. Mike Bolger has years of experience and communication skills that will benefit your house selling. 


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