Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask Themselves Right Now

Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask Themselves Right Now

Are you thinking about buying a new home? Being a homebuyer, you must consider several things before looking for a new house. The home buying or selling process can be emotional. Thus, preparing in advance is essential to ensure this process is manageable. Even if you are an experienced buyer, proper steps must be followed to overcome any barrier. A clear mind will help you make informed choices during the home-buying process. Here we have listed some common and vital questions homebuyers should ask themselves. Read this blog to make your home-buying experience more rewarding.   

What Are the Current Trends in Home Prices? 

Whatever item you buy, the first step should be to check its price in the market. You will then decide whether you want to make the purchase or not. If the trends suggest that real estate prices will drop in a few months, you should wait a little bit. There are multiple ways to access market trends. 

  • Firstly, you can research the experts' consensus. Most experts believe home prices will increase by approximately 2% in 2023. However, others are estimating depreciation in values by the year 2024. 
  • Secondly, you can assess market trends from a home price expectation survey provided by real estate experts, market and investment strategists, and economists. You will find the estimated home cost performance for the next few years.  

Will Interest Rates Increase in the Coming Years?

Interest rates significantly impact the original price of your home. According to experts, mortgage rates will rise considerably in the coming months because of higher inflation. Increasing inflation makes real estate volatile, making borrowing rates relatively higher. So, if you want to purchase at this high inflation rate, you should get an expert real estate agent's opinion first. 

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House? 

Unless you have prior experience buying a home, you are strongly advised to hire a real estate agent. These agents can help you close a deal at your required price and prevent losses. Inexperience can be a disadvantage in the real estate business, so having professional assistance can make buying much smoother. However, you need to hire a real estate agent specific to your needs.  

Only some real estate agents will understand your unique requirements. Therefore, you should conduct formal interviews with prospective agents before buying a house. Most people do not know when and how much they should pay their real estate agents. Another common confusion is who pays the agent, buyer, or seller. In most cases, the fee depends on the sale price they establish. Secondly, the realtor's fee is mainly paid by the seller of the property.  

What Other Questions Should You Ask While"House Hunting"? 

When going through the property hunting process, you should keep a list of requirements with you. The best way to do this is to write several questions and research accordingly. 

  • You should first be sure about the location/neighbourhood you want for your house. You can ask your realtor about the area you will be living in. Look for employment opportunities if you are leaving your current job. Also, research the local economy, amenities, taxes, and crime rates of the particular area.  
  • In the next step, you should prepare for the offer you will be made to the sellers. Consult your real estate agent to determine a reasonable cost for your house. Your agent will be well-aware of current market trends and will save you from any potential loss in the deal. Use your thoughts and the realtor's advice to plan your final offer for the house.  
  • Finally, ask your agent if you have the option to make various kinds of inspections. Some types of inspection include chimney inspection, home inspection, and pest inspection. So, make the purchase offer after deciding whether you will have a home inspection.  

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Buying a new home can be difficult if this is your first time doing this. Undoubtedly, having a professional and experienced agent is always the best way to simplify buying a new home. Mike Bolger is the best real estate agent if you are looking for an expert in Waterloo and the surrounding areas.

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