Protect Your Investment With a Home Inspection

Protect Your Investment With a Home Inspection

Deciding to buy a house is perhaps the single largest investment that you will ever make. It is a wise decision for you to want to make sure that you get the best value for your investment. Some buyers are hiring Professional Home Inspectors to help them protect their investments. A professional Home Inspector will look closely to see what is under a house’s surface. They will provide a detailed report about the foundation's condition, roof, insulation, electrical service and other critical structural factors.

Home Inspection Costs in 2022

The costs for a home inspection will vary, however, you can most likely expect to spend four to five hundred dollars for a quality inspection of a single-family home. The home buyer is usually responsible for the cost since the benefit is for the home buyer. Consider this cost as an investment in protecting you for making a huge finical mistake. Sometimes in hot real estate markets, people will decide not to go ahead with a home inspection to secure a firm offer. With that said, it’s only a small price to pay to have peace of mind. Also knowing what's wrong allows you to budget for renovations and may give you some negotiating power.

Conditional Offer on Home Inspection

When considering making an offer for purchase, your Real Estate Professional can provide you with some advice on negotiating a home inspection as part of the offer. Governed by the homeowner’s permission, you can arrange a Home Inspection just before submitting your offer for purchase. This is called a"conditional offer" that’s contingent on a Home Inspection report that’s acceptable to you. This strategy provides you with some unique advantages. If the conditional offer is approved, the property is temporarily held against other offers. This will also give you a legal escape route if the report has some major negative surprises like a crumbling foundation. If the conditional offer is rejected, then you will have to consider the risks. Your real estate professional can advise you on the ideal approach to suit your market and your situation.

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