Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Market Report July 2023

Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Market Report July 2023

The average price of a detached homes

Please don't hesitate to reach out for detailed stats that are specific to your neighbourhood, or even if you're just curious about what the house down the street sold for – it'd be great to hear from you!



Summer’s in full swing so it’s time to hit the streets and jazz things up!

It’s that time of year again when the heart of Uptown Waterloo comes alive with the soothing sounds of jazz. That’s right, the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival is back!

This year’s Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival will be held between Friday, July 21st and Sunday, July 23rd at the Uptown Waterloo City Centre.

The exciting lineup includes Alex Cuba, Jesse Cook, the 3D Jazz Trio as well as various other talented jazz musicians!

In addition to all of the incredible live music, there will be an assortment of vendors offering a variety of delicious food and beverages to help “jazz up” your taste buds!

Music lovers are in luck this year because the Kitchener Blues Festival is also featuring multiple acts throughout the downtown core between Thursday, August 10th and Sunday, August 13th.

This family-friendly, non-profit festival presents a blend of local, provincial, national and international artists including the Spin Doctors, I Mother Earth and The Dandy Warhols!

The fundraising concert kicks off the festival on Thursday, August 10th with the Spin Doctors but there are over 60 free acts to take in on six different Downtown Kitchener stages! Hope to see you there :)



You only get one chance to make a great first impression when selling your home!

When you put your home on the market, your goal is to sell it quickly and for the most amount of money possible. Properly staging your home will create an amazing first impression that will generate a huge buzz!

Staging isn't so much an expense as it is an investment. Not only is your home likely to sell for a higher price but it will probably sell much faster which is important because homes that sit on the market for too long can generate an irreversible stigma which diminishes its value.

Staging starts with an ultra-clean, de-cluttered and de-personalized home. Buying a home is an emotional decision, so it’s important that buyers are able to envision themselves living in your home which is why photographs, trophies and kids' artwork have to go.

A professional stager also ensures your home is inviting to buyers by enhancing the functionality and flow of each room. They can remove and store furniture so the house looks as spacious as possible and also use lighting and other tricks to warm up the feel of your home.

A properly staged home will also look much more appealing to those who are browsing homes online, which will in turn help to generate more showings and create more demand.

If you want to try and stage your home yourself, you'll need to go beyond the basics but start by cleaning your home inside and out including the front yard, the porch, the garage and the back garden.

Buyers have a tough time visualizing themselves in unfurnished rooms so turn your craft room back into a bedroom or transform an awkward nook into a reading spot by setting out a comfy chair and nice lamp to give it a comfortable feel.

Buyers will also be snooping through your cupboards and closets as storage space is usually an important factor so don’t forget to stage those areas as well.

A well-staged home is much more likely to make a great first impression and capture the hearts of homebuyers.

Whether you pay a professional to stage your home or do the work yourself, staging is a worthwhile investment that will massively increase the odds of your home selling quickly and for top dollar!



It’s that time of year when the kitchen starts to slowly edge its way outside!

There’s nothing quite like the mouth-watering aroma of a backyard BBQ but safety is key. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that your food sizzles safely:

Light It Up
Always light a BBQ with the lid open. If it doesn't ignite right away, turn the valves off and wait a few minutes before retrying.

Pests' Nests
Insect nests are the number one cause of BBQ fires so make sure you regularly clean the burner tubes to prevent blockages.

Make Room
Place your grill on a stable surface in an open, well-ventilated area away from buildings, trees and any flammable materials.

Roll Up Your Sleeves
Make sure apron strings, scarves and other clothes don’t dangle over the grill and always use long-handled utensils to avoid burns and splatters.

Turn It Off
Always remember to turn the gas off at both the grill and tank as soon as you’ve finished cooking.

Now that the safety stuff’s out of the way, it’s time to focus on the food! After your amazing steak dinner, tantalize your taste buds by serving up a mouth-watering melody of grilled fruit. It’ll be the perfect finale for your backyard feast!



If your A/C’s going to fail, it’ll likely happen in the middle of a heat wave.

If your air conditioning fails during a heat wave, you could be stuck roasting for days until a technician’s able to come out and when they do, the repair cost may make your blood boil!
A neglected air conditioner will be both unreliable and inefficient so it's important to have it serviced regularly to help ensure its optimum performance.

The service check should include a full inspection as well as checking the amp draw of the compressor, cleaning the coils, adjusting the belts and topping up the fluid.
Regularly servicing your air conditioner will prevent wear and tear plus it'll increase the efficiency of your unit which will in turn reduce your electricity bills.

Don't leave it until it’s too late. Schedule your check-up today so you can avoid being left out in the heat.

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