How to Save On Building a Shed for Your Backyard

How to Save On Building a Shed for Your Backyard

Having a shed in your backyard is perfect for storing items and reducing clutter.  However, having that extra space comes with a cost. Unfortunately, prefabricated sheds can cost thousands compared to a DIY project that costs you your weekend and building materials.

Here is some advice to reduce your costs when building a shed.

Cut the Costs

The average custom-made shed can cost between $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the materials you select. You can keep your shed budget under $1000 by cutting out all the extras. 

Hiring skilled contractors like electricians and carpenters can cost up to $120/hour and does not include the cost of the building supplies.  Affordable sheds have four walls, a roof, and a foundation. Consider the quality of the building materials you need and what you can live without.

Building Materials

It is highly recommended that you use materials that will be durable and functional. Thankfully, sheds can be built with an assortment of materials.

  • Vinyl is preferred among property owners due to its durability and strength. It’s a maintenance-free choice. Vinyl sheds can resist harsh weather, insects and dents.
  • Wood is gorgeous and a favourite choice because it's customizable. Wood can be expensive due to the labour and resources it takes.
  • Metal is usually the choice for people on a budget. It provides low maintenance and stops insects and decay. The life expectancy is usually 25 years.

Shop Around

To snag up materials for ultra-cheap or even free, consider:

  • Go to a lumber mill and ask them for cull lumber or scrap wood that you can take off their hands.
  • Search online on online marketplaces like Kijiji or Facebook Buy and Sell Groups. Search for free or discount lumber and find people who want to get rid of it.
  • Check your flyers for sales on sheds. The end of the season is a great time to save.

Rent Power Tools

To build a shed, you need tools. Unless you are a professional, you most likely don’t have all the power tools you might need. Buying all the tools required may cost hundreds. Many local hardware stores may offer tool rentals at a fraction of the cost of buying them.  You can also ask your friend and family to borrow their tools.

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