Curbside Appeal Makes Buyers Want More

Curbside Appeal Makes Buyers Want More

If only selling your home was simple. Sadly, the truth is there are thousands of small details that go into selling your home. Starting with hiring a REALTOR® for advice on home staging and curb appeal enhancements. It is the effort that brings every piece together that gets the curiosity of the buyer.

Being focused on finding the perfect realtor is important but try not to forget about the power of a first impression, which starts with the outside of your home.

When getting your home ready for selling, focus on the exterior. This is what the buyer will see right before they even step a foot inside the house. The exterior needs to look appealing.

A new door looks great and there are perks for anyone who updates their front door to an energy-efficient one.  I recommend that you clean your entire entrance and remove any clutter around your entrance including furniture, pots, and entry mats. If you own a pressure washer, clean up any stuck-on dirt and stains. It is a good idea to repaint or touch up as needed. Also, polish any metal knobs or fixtures to make them shine. A great entrance can ensure that every other part of your home is more inviting as well.


If your real estate agent says that repainting the outside of your house is going to get you more value for your home, then do it. An investment in a new coat of paint will improve your house's curbside appeal. I recommend that you do some research before you choose your exterior house colours. Get some advice from a professional.

I would suggest using bright and welcoming colours for your house. A bright red or blue door really shows well. I recommend choosing a light gray/blue colour which could help you sell your home quicker and for a higher value.


Don't let dreadful landscaping distract buyers from an exceptional house. Unfortunately, some people can't get past an unattractive curbside appeal. Take the time to make sure that your shrubs are trimmed and not blocking windows from natural light. Add some colour with freshly potted flowers and plants. Get rid of the weeds from the gardens and cover them with nice black mulch. A magnificent landscape can make a buyer immediately assume and be ready for an equally stunning house.


Finally, make your backyard have an amazing outdoor living space. People really like outdoor areas that are attractive. Consider adding a seating area to your deck with a fire pit. A few small items can expand your home’s liveable space outside.

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