Are buyers and sellers allowed to share the same representation?

Are buyers and sellers allowed to share the same representation

A question I get asked a lot is,"Are buyers and sellers allowed to share the same representation?"

The answer is Yes!

However, keep reading for advice on how to protect yourself.

The industry rules in Ontario are different for real estate agents and real estate lawyers. When a relationship is created between the client and the Brokerage, then Multiple Representations can occur when the Buyer and Seller use the same Brokerage.

It is prohibited for Lawyers to represent both buyer and seller for the same transactions. However, you can retain different lawyers if the same firm employs them. A lawyer can also represent both parties if it's for the transfer of title from one family member to another.

From a Real Estate Agent's point of view

Real Estate Agents are obligated to protect their clients. Whether they are the seller or the buyer, I always give my clients the best possible advice.

When a real estate agent works for only one client or the buyer or the seller, they have legal responsibilities.

  • undivided loyalty to their client
  • acting in their client's best interest at all times
  • the duty to avoid conflicts of interest
  • the duty to disclose conflicts of interest when they arrive.

A real estate agent can represent both sides, objectively and transparently. I always let my clients decide if they support me, representing both parties. I always disclose everything to a potential buyer before discussing any contractual negotiations.

Most real estate transactions usually run smoothly, but it is highly recommended that every buyer and seller have their own professional representation. This way, if things go wrong, they have someone who is fully committed to their interests.

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