Real Estate Update November 2019

Real Estate Update November 2019


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I am proud to announce that I won the Diamond Class Award for the Best Real Estate Agent!

I am proud to announce that I won the Diamond Class Award for the Best Real Estate Agent in Waterloo Region for The Waterloo Record Readers Choice Awards.

I want to thank everyone for their support during the nomination and voting period. To every one of my valued clients, this award is dedicated to you. I plan on serving this amazing community for many more years to come and I can't show my thanks again. Thank you!

Call me anytime at (519) 616-2656 for anything real estate.


How to Quick-Prep Your Home for Sale

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Ideally, you should plan to have plenty of time to prepare your home for sale. You want to be able to get everything fixed and cleaned up, and perhaps even make a few improvements, such as installing a new countertop in the kitchen.

For any number of reasons, that’s not always possible. If you have to suddenly relocate for work, for example, you may have only days to make your home “show ready” for the market.

What should you do? The answer is: the essentials.

First, arrange to get any maintenance issues dealt with immediately. If you have a clogged shower drain or cracked windowpane, call a professional repair person. Even if those items don’t get fixed by listing day, you can inform buyers that the repairs are scheduled - and that receipts proving that the work was done professionally will be available.

Next, you need to do a thorough clean-up. Staging experts (those who professionally prepare homes for sale) unanimously agree that making each room look neat and tidy is essential. Even something as seemingly minor as dust accumulation on blinds can impact buyers.

If you still have time available before the For Sale sign goes up, consider doing some redecorating. Stand in each room and ask yourself, “How can I make this room look more spacious and appealing?” Oftentimes, simply rearranging the furniture and moving a few items into storage will make a dramatic difference.

Yes, prepping your home on a tight schedule takes some work. However, in just two or three days, you’ll have a property that is more attractive to prospective buyers. It will show better, and, as a result, it will likely sell faster.

Looking for more ideas for selling your home, quickly? Call today.


Décor Colour Choices Can Be Psychological

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Although choosing a room’s colour is highly personal, it’s worth noting that studies have linked specific colour tones to psychological behaviours. In fact, many doctors, scientists and design experts believe that certain colours can actually influence your mood or motivation.

The following list provides a general interpretation of commonly held views about how we perceive colour. It may help you decide on the colours you’ll use in your next interior painting or decorating project. While some suggested connections may seem obvious, others might surprise you.

White: cleanliness, purity, innocence.
Yellow: concentration, attentiveness, optimism.
Orange: abundance, expressiveness, passion.
Red: emotion, creativity, appetite.
Purple: status, opulence, indulgence.
Blue: trust, confidence, productivity.
Green: tranquility, comfort, nourishment.
Brown: honesty, sincerity, simplicity.
Black: contemplation, dedication, commitment.

Of course, subtle differences in hues and shades can evoke different emotional responses. As a result, complementary colours can sometimes seem to conflict with the expected psychological response to your primary selection. So, despite all the available scientific information, you should consider your instincts as well.



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WOW, that was quite the exciting Election race in Kitchener, Waterloo.

I would like to congratulate Raj Saini and Bardish Chagger both Liberal Candidates who now have the honor of making our great region voices heard on Parliament Hill.

I am happy to see the results of the election are now finalized and want to thank you all for voting. For any real estate questions or if you need some help and need a referral to someone in my network, please let me know. 

Call me anytime at 519-616-2656 or visit my website

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