Westvale Public School Playground Initiative Go Fund Me

Westvale Public School Playground Initiative Go Fund Me

As a local enthusiast to growing our community I have teamed up with Westvale Public School to help raise funds to build a new playground for the local children to enjoy. Please help me make this dream a reality! 

Westvale Public School is the neighboring public school to your office and is located on Westvale Drive within the quadrant of Erb Street, Fisher Hallman Road, Ira Needles Blvd and university Avenue.  Westvale Public School has approximately 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  We offer several programs including French Immersion, access programs for students who are physically and mentally handicapped and programs in enrichment and support for students with environmental and other sensitivities.  Our current DC classroom is currently unable to gain any physical, or mental activity from our existing playground area as it is not accessible by wheelchair, and is located on a raised play area off the general tarmac. As such our DC class is forced to take buses to Waterloo Park for any of their playground activities.

As we are approaching our 25th anniversary, we would like to enhance our school experience and build a legacy for our community, while at the same time ensuring that we can provide an accessible play area for our DC classroom, so that they are able to play and engage in their own school yard alongside their peers.

We are asking for your help!

We are seeking to construct a new playground for our school community.  Westvale Public School’s new playground will meet the needs of ALL our children with universal accessibility and offer a place of recreation for members of the greater Westvale community.

In preparing for the construction of the new playground, we felt it was important to engage and enlist the assistance of the students and teachers of Westvale, and as such we have allowed them to use their imaginations and create their own ideas about the playground design.  Our playground committee has met with a dedicated group of senior students who have mapped out what they feel will best suit the needs of our students as a whole, and have come up with three individual design plans.  All three designs include an accessible play panel and an adaptive swing specifically included for our DC students and classroom. For your interest, I have included the three designs below.

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