M Is for Memories & The 3 P's

Growing up in a family of four with one older brother and two great parents I couldn’t ask more from! A conversation I encountered this morning at KW Chamber Of Commerce Breakfast Series “Speed Networking”. Sparked a nostalgic phrase my mother always said growing up,


“If the unfortunate event of our home being caught on fire, what is the one item you would grab as you were running out of the home? The family Photo Album.”


My Mom it her “Mission To Civilize” that I understood the only material object that cannot be replaced on this planet is “Captured Family Memories”. Todays Kids wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do with a Filmed Camera (YouTube Link Kids React To Old Cameras).


This influx of past memories came back to me when I met ‘Patti Metzger” at this morning Chamber Event. Building of my mothers “Fire Escape Plan” sharing her coined phrase with me. when in an emergency remember “The 3 P’s, People, Pets, Photos”.

Patti has formed a Start-up company with the great idea to transform her clients Paper Based Photographs into digital prints, which makes sharing Family memories a breeze on the various social media providers. Thanks for sharing with me Patti, it was a pleasure meeting you.


This morning was a great success I hope there will be many more events such as this in the future, great job #KWChamber! @IanMcLeanKW


Please feel free to contact Patti today for all you Digital transformation needs……

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