New Partnership For Certified Smart Homes in Kitchener and Waterloo

Introducing an amazing partnership between myself and  Net Smart Fx, when you work with ME, I will convert your new home to a certified smart home for FREE! Every year the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas introduces new tech available to consumers. 3 new introductions caught my eye this year; 


  1. A laundry Folding machine - Common how much better would your life be without this tedious task, am I right. 
  2. A couple additions to the bathroom include a SMART LOO equipped foot and seat warmers, mood lighting and a music functionality! 
  3. and my favourite is a SMART MIRROR that comes equipped with Alexa, imagine being able to ask Alexa to wake you up in the morning, give the weather forecast, the latest news all before you brush your teeth!


It is a growing trend amongst Canadian Home Owners, stating that by 2020 the majority of home will become smart home certified.  be sure to get with it before you're left behind! Comment below on what new technologies would make your daily routine become a pleasure instead of a task. Click or call me today to find out how I can make you the smartest home owner on your block! 

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