Kitchener / Waterloo Market Update October 2017

Kitchener / Waterloo Market Update October 2017


Paint by Munzy New Year Calendar Launch 

Who is Munzy?

Always drawing, designing and building, Waterloo-based artist Jonathan Munz has exhibited artistic talent since a young age.

During his childhood, the Munz family spent summers exploring national parks with Killarney and Algonquin holding a special place in their hearts. Always inspired by nature, Jonathan

began sketching more seriously shortly after an introduction to The Group of Seven and, more specifically, Canadian artist Tom Thomson. This early exposure to nature, culture and art fuelled

a passion in him that later grew into experimentation with his own paintings. “I always loved being outside as a youngster,” Jonathan states. “I enjoyed watching water; be it streams, waterfalls, lakes and reflections. As I got older I started to appreciate the beauty in

solitary scenes as well. The windswept nature of northern Ontario trees, the way sunlight streams through a forest and the colours of autumn. I’m a big fan of winter as well and appreciate the clean whiteness of it all. In the end I think nature creates beautiful shapes and colours so I try to capture some of it in a painting.”

Jonathan Munz continues to paint from his home studio supporting his independent art gallery and online business “Paint by Munzy” managed by his younger sister Laura Munz.

If you’re looking for stunning original art, be sure to visit Laura at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery located UpTown Waterloo. By appointment is available to suit your schedules needs. If you’re

interested in exploring Jonathan’s works online, view his extensive collection of one-of-a-kind oil paintings and canvas prints at

Gallery: 32 King Street North, UpTown Waterloo


Phone: 226-606-2233



Upcoming Events:

4th Annual Holiday Art Show & 2018 Art & Community Calendar Launch

Saturday, November 18, 6-10pm

Button Factory Arts: 25 Regina St. South (second floor) UpTown Waterloo

RSVP for free tickets at

Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Market Update 
Residential sales were steady during October.

Last month a total of 481 residential properties sold in Kitchener-Waterloo and area through the Multiple Listing System (MLS® System) of the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® (KWAR).

Home sales in October were down 16.6 per cent compared to the same month last year, but still above the previous 5-year October average of 464 sales.

On a year-to-date basis 5,842 residential units have sold compared to 5,816 during the same period in 2016, an increase of 0.4 per cent.

October’s sales included 289 detached homes (down 20.2 per cent), and 107 condominium units (down 17.7 per cent) which includes any property regardless of style (i.e. semis, townhomes, apartment, detached etc.).  Sales also included 44 semi-detached homes (down 7.3 per cent) and 38 freehold townhouses (down 2.6 per cent).

The average price of all residential properties sold last month increased 11.4 per cent to $454,398 compared to October 2016.  Detached homes sold for an average price of $541,368, an increase of 13.1 per cent compared to October 2016.

During this same period, the average sale price for an apartment style condominium was $249,993 for an increase of 11 per cent.  Townhomes and semis sold for an average of $349,316 (up 13.7 per cent) and $354,668 (up 8 per cent) respectively.

The median price of all residential properties sold in October increased 11.7 per cent to $419,000, and the median price of a detached home during the same period increased 10.2 per cent to $484,000.

“While the number of home sold so far this year is pretty much on pace with last year’s record breaking results, the demand from buyers continues to outpace new listings entering the market,” says James Craig, President of KWAR.  “I anticipate this continuing for the remainder of the year while buyers rush to beat the additional mortgage changes.”
Kitchener Christkindl Market 
Make some memories at the 21st annual Christkindl Market!

The Christkindl Market at Kitchener City Hall is a four-day, indoor/outdoor event that lights up the heart of downtown Kitchener with its magical holiday spirit.

A variety of bands, choirs and dance groups will be on hand to entertain you on the huge outdoor stage.  There will also be over 70 vendors selling their wares to help you get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

This year, the festival has been expanded to include more spots along King Street where you can enjoy Gluhwein (traditional German mulled wine) along with a variety of sweet and savoury German foods to sample.

The opening ceremony, which begins with a candlelight procession up Gaukle Street to Kitchener City Hall, will feature the Hallelujah Chorus by the Grand Philharmonic Choir and will end with the official lighting of Carl Zehr Square.

Be sure to set aside some time between Thursday, December 7th and Sunday, December 10th to experience the joy of the Kitchener Christkindl Market.   Ho Ho Hope to see you there!
Smart Home Security Made Simple 
A fully secure home will provide you with peace of mind.

Whether you’re at home sleeping or away on vacation, it’s important to know that your home is secure.  A secure home is also much more attractive to potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Smart lighting, remote locks and wireless cameras can all make your home safer; however, the issue of cyber criminals hacking into smart home systems is a valid concern so homeowners shouldn’t forget about the basics.

Eliminate potential hiding spots by trimming down bushes that are around your windows and doors.  Most thieves are opportunists who see an open door or window and decide to take a chance and see what they can make off with.

Next, install strike plates on your doors to help protect the deadbolt from crowbars or kick attacks.  Thieves want to get into your home as quickly as possible so if one forceful kick doesn't work, they’ll likely turn and run.

Windows are also popular break in points so install heavy sash or keyed locks.  Installing an eyebolt in window corners also prevents the window from being opened from the outside.  Glass block windows are an excellent choice as they look attractive, can't be opened and are extremely difficult to break.

Give the impression your home is lived in while you're away on vacation by installing a dusk-to-dawn porch light.  Although technology allows you to control blinds and lights right from your smartphone, you'll still need to find someone to rake your leaves as there isn’t an app for that yet!

When it comes to home security, paying attention to the little things can often make a huge difference so take time to"case the joint" and list all the security failures that burglars would appreciate.  Potential buyers will prefer a secure home as it's one less thing for them to worry about so you may as well do it sooner than later so that you can enjoy the benefits as well.
The Feng Shui Way 
Creating good feng shui around your home is easier than you think!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps achieve a harmonious living environment in order to promote happiness and prosperity.  Here are a few ideas to enhance the energy flow around your home:

  1. Think Outside the Nest - Birds bring great energy so add a few feeders and a bird bath in your backyard.

  2. The Right Path - Place a few plants and wind chimes on your porch and make sure the path to your front door is unobstructed.

  3. Fire & Ice - Essential oils, crystals, candles and water features such as fountains and fish bowls will bring calm and balance into your home.

  4. Mirror, Mirror - The strategic placement of mirrors helps improve feng shui by drawing more sunlight into otherwise murky rooms and by expanding narrow areas such as hallways.

  5. De-clutter - Clearing your home of clutter will introduce a smoother flow of energy.  Clutter is a sign of trapped energy so be ruthless and get rid of everything you don’t need.

Feng shui emphasizes that our physical surroundings have an impact on our emotional well-being so it’s important to be aware of how we arrange our space.  Buyers often feel certain vibes when they enter a home so a"harmonious feel" could be the difference between a quick sale and one that drags on.
Building a Better Community 
Getting to know the people living around you offers plenty of benefits!

Research shows that there are many physical and mental health benefits to enjoying a sense of belonging.  Here are a few ideas to help you build community spirit:

  1. Rags to Riches - Organize a garage sale or clothing swap in your ‘hood.  It’s also a great way to get rid of clutter!

  2. Clean Green - Coordinate a park clean-up and then enjoy drinks and snacks that will hopefully be donated by a local business.

  3. Book Smart - Build a “Little Library” at your local park or on your front lawn and enjoy watching people gather to exchange books.

Getting to know people who live close by will really improve your quality of life and foster a sense of belonging.  Social media can also help build a safe, connected, friendly place to live by providing a platform to share events and ideas.
#LipOffKW 2nd annual lip-sync fundraiser Nov. 7th @ Apollo Theatre 

#LipOffKW is holding its 2nd annual lip-sync battle fundraiser on November 7th at the Apollo 

Cinema. Come out for a fun-filled night as Gayle O’Brien of 107.5 Dave FM guides us through 9 performances, with hilarious commentators Mike Farwell of 570 News and Brad Moore also of 107.5 Dave FM. There will be a jam-packed raffle table with fantastic prizes to win from local businesses, and a chance to cast your vote for the best performance of the night. 


All proceeds go to St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre as they support victims of human trafficking in Waterloo Region. 

Join us for a fun night all for a good cause! Find out more atwww.lipoffkw,comor email us to find out how to donate directly - !


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