Investment Strategy for Multi Family Properties

Investment Strategy for Multi Family Properties

Buying a single-family investment property in the Kitchener Region can be hard for some single families. Another strategy to consider is Multi-Family Properties. With the new mortgage rules, some investors are hesitant to risk their cash for a higher down payment giving you more opportunity. Investors that are putting 20% down have a better chance of securing a mortgage. Often paying full market value for rental properties is required to take to get high-quality rental properties in a major area.

Here are several points to look at Multi-Family Properties:

1 – Cash Flow
Multi-family properties tend to provide more cash flow. Switch your attention to diversifying your portfolio with multi-family properties. Multi-family properties do really good in all parts of the real estate cycle.

2- Competition

First-time buyers are not commonly investing in multi-family properties. You will have fewer competing offers, especially with four-plexes and more. Buyers that are seeking multifamily properties are often other investors. Investing in multi-family property can give you much more time to come up with a strategy just before putting in an offer. Most investors could have the opportunity to add conditions like property inspection and financing.

3 – Deals
The power you have when you are not fighting against other buyers is the seller is more inclined to take your offer seriously. Working with a realtor will give you some insights. Realtors do their due-diligence with comparable properties that have sold in the area. Once you present the seller with all the critical facts, they usually listen to you. This will give you much more room for you to get the home under market value.

Work with Mike Bolger for real estate investing. I will help you locate properties in the KW area that will be an ideal investment. I will do the research and present you with all the crucial facts to consider. The market is always changing; having the best insights will help you see an opportunity where no one else does. Contact me today to discuss your real estate investment ideas.

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