Sell Your Home Faster with 4 Small Home Improvements

Sell Your Home Faster with 4 Small Home Improvements

If you are thinking of selling your home this summer, consider making four simple home improvements to help increase its value and attractiveness. There are a variety of affordable improvements that you can make before putting your home on the market.

Fresh Walls with Amazing Flooring:

Home improvements start with adding a fresh coat of paint. This will give a room a cleaner and brighter look.  But painting the kitchen and bathroom walls the home will most often get you your money back and more.  You can do the same with your floors, even if it's hardwood or carpeted. Remove or replace that old carpet with something new.  Consider adding a new vinyl floor in the bathroom. If you have worn out hardwood floors, consider refinishing them, so they gleam to prospective buyers.  These small improvements can increase the overall feel of the home, giving you a better chance of getting an offer quickly. 

Depersonalize & Declutter:

Almost everyone knows that you should depersonalize and declutter your home before you list it. The best part is it does not cost you anything but your time. The idea is to make potential buyers focus on the best features of your home. Unfortunately, some people can distract buyers with too many family photos, or collectible items that you may have around. If you are planning on repainting to freshen up, you will have to take down these items anyway. Wrap up these items and put them into a box for moving.  If you are planning on selling quickly, you will have to pack up most of your personal belongings anyways. Consider it a head start!


Staging your home is a strategy that is used to give your home an elevated look. Home staging doesn't have to be expensive, and many can do it on a budget. Many home staging professionals focus on the main rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, master bedrooms, living room, and dining room. You can make simple changes like purchasing a new duvet or comforter. Then you can add some neutral accents and extra pillows to make it stand out. You can also rearrange your furniture in each room so it can make the space feel roomy and new.  Buyers are looking for homes that look as if they are staying in a fancy hotel room. Give them what they want. 

Landscaping and Curbside Appeal

Making a solid first impression is key to selling your home quickly and for the most value. If you neglect your landscape, it may turn off potential buyers from wanting to see the rest of the property.

It is recommended to keeping a manicured lawn that looks healthy.  Consider your front door a wash and a fresh coat of paint.   If you have a garage, consider giving the garage door a wash and a fresh coat of paint also. 

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