Smart Home Selling Strategy 2020

Smart Home Selling Strategy 2020

In 2020,  many people are tech-savvy and want smart gadgets to help automate their homes. The general concept of a smart home is to maximize the use of available space and minimize the time and effort spent. This is achieved by using exclusive technologies that allow you to combine and optimize the operation of services and equipment in a home. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit are the three major smart home platforms on the market.

The Washington Post did a study that revealed 65 percent of buyers, specifically millennials, were willing to spend more on homes that are equipped with smart devices. As a selling strategy, it's essential to understand the concepts of upgrading your home with smart devices.  Buyers want those cool smart gadgets and upgrades that stay with the house after you sell it.

  • The most desirable upgrades in homes have these features:
  • Security and safety
  • Temperature control
  • Convenience
  • Compatibility

The investment in smart devices isn't going to cost you a lot of money. Most smart gadgets are sold for under $300 each.  The idea is to make your MLS® System listing more appealing.

Security Systems

Families can arm and disarm the system without needing to deal with an annoying keypad. These security systems have everything you need, including motion detectors, window sensors, and more. The best part is that these devices are controlled by voice or by an app. It also allows you to watch a live video feed to see what is going on and to alert the police if required. 

Video Doorbells

These devices are equipped with motion detectors, audio and they perform 24/7 surveillance. You can monitor a live feed from anywhere that has an internet connection. Many of these devices also keep recorded footage on their cloud servers in case you need them. The best part about video doorbells is you can communicate with the being able to see who's at your front door. 


Among the most popular features in a smart home is the Wi-Fi-connected thermostat. This gadget allows you to program the temperature changes by voice or through the app, even if you happen to be away from home. 


Smart lighting makes it possible to control the lights with a simple voice command or a swipe of a finger. You can turn off the lights or dim them from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers are useful because they can notify homeowners when the garage opens and closes. Great for security.

When selling your home, make sure your property stands out from the competition—investing in some smart home devices that could get you more value for your home.

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