Tips for Selling a Home With Pets for the Most Value

Tips for Selling a Home With Pets for the Most Value

Unfortunately, when you're selling your home, sometimes owning pets could result in lower offers. Here is some advice to help you get better offers.

Remove Pet Odours

Many buyers get turned off by homes that have strong odours. When you are getting ready for an open house or a showing, it is recommended to get rid odours. If you own carpets, rugs and have upholstery, consider getting a professional carpet cleaning services. You can also rent a steam cleaning machine at the local supermarket. Steam cleaning will help to remove odours and sanitize all your soft and fabric surfaces in your home. You can also get odour and stain removing products that are designed exclusively for pets. There are many products available that are made solely to remove pet odours such as air sprays, plugins, and chemicals.

Clean Up After Your Pets

Some home buyers get turned off when they see a dirty home. It’s recommended to clean up after your pets before a showing. This includes cleaning the yard of dog waste, cleaning the litter box and/or pet cages. Make sure to vacuum to get all the pet hair on the floor and furniture. You can also use a swifter to get help get pet hair, dust bunnies and more on hardwood, under furniture and more.

Fix Pet Damages

Homebuyers will be looking for damages in your home and estimating the cost for professional repair, which could reflect your offer. If your cat has ripped up your carpet on the stairs or your dogs been chewing on the corners of the trim, you will need to fix this. Get a professional contractor to quote you for repairs. If you are a handy person, try repairing it yourself.

Relocate Your Pet During Showings

If you can, try to remove your pet from your home during a showing. The idea is to make your home more appealing to the buyer. Some exotic pets like a giant snake, rodent, or dangerous looking spider could scare off some potential buyers. For most pet owners, you can take your dogs and cats with you while the home is being shown.

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